Garage Door Opener Carriage Assembly & Trolley Repair

When your garage door stops working, it's important to get the right diagnosis and repair for your system and avoid costly replacements if possible. The experts at American Garage Door have the experience needed to properly assess and repair any broken or damaged components to restore your system. One common issue involves the carriage assembly on your opener. This assembly and trolley hangs above your garage door and connects to the motor and track. This mechanism has a quick release feature that is used in cases of power failure or emergencies, and ensures your garage opens and closes correctly. Garage door opener carriage assembly and trolley repairs may be in order if your door is not opening or closing and is making loud noises.

Expert Carriage Assembly and Trolley Repair For Your Garage Door Opener

American Garage Door has the experience necessary to provide you with expert garage door opener carriage assembly and trolley repairs. Contact us today to schedule your assessment and repair.